PayPal Casinos

What is PayPal?

You can use PayPal to link your debit cards and bank accounts. Setting it up is simple, as are making casino deposits and withdrawals.

PayPal is widely used abroad and in the UK. Statistics also reveal that PayPal is gaining popularity. Since its launch in 1998 (as Confinity), PayPal has introduced several features to stay competitive.

These are:

  1. Stay logged in and deposit with one click
  2. PayPal App – send and receive money
  3. Payments and ATM withdrawals are made using a MasterCard debit card issued by PayPal.
  4. PayPal.me – send a link to receive payments without bank numbers

With PayPal set up, all you have to do is make a deposit. Check out our selection of PayPal Casinos and join your favourite. On the deposit screen, select PayPal from the list. Then input your PayPal credentials and your deposit amount to get started!

Casinos Accepting PayPal

With PayPal’s excellent reputation in handling large transactions, PayPal casinos are on the increase. Players considering PayPal casinos will be pleased with the rapidity of transactions. Payment processing is one of the most critical procedures for both online casinos and players, thus any turbulence will certainly result in players flocking to competitors.

Online casinos that take PayPal are serious about their business, so depositing and withdrawing will never be an issue. Many gamers base their decision to play at an online casino on whether or not they can deposit and withdraw using Paypal. PayPal is an eWallet and a middleman. This includes internet shops, business service providers, and PayPal Casinos.

Casino Paypal

You can play straight away because all Paypal deposits are processed and cleared promptly. One of the reasons PayPal is so popular is that there are no costs associated with funding your casino account. If you have problems depositing funds, it may be because your Paypal account has been restricted. Not the online casino’s support line, but Paypal’s. Because online casinos do not have access to your Paypal account, they cannot help you with any concerns.

Withdrawing funds from your new PayPal casino should be equally simple. Transfers from your own bank account to PayPal may take up to two days.

Money Out at PayPal Casino

Using Paypal to withdraw your earnings is as simple as funding your casino account. Withdrawals normally clear in 2-24 hours. Several factors influence the withdrawal processing time. If you have finished the KYC process and validated your casino account, your cash should be available instantaneously. If you haven’t validated your casino account or have a Paypal limit, your withdrawal may take much longer or be denied.