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Terms and Conditions

This page was created to provide up-to-date information on casino bonuses and promotions (the incentives). This information is made available to players for study and comparative purposes.

  • Because the website is not responsible for any incentives, it:
  • Ensure that any reward information is correct.
  • Assist clients who have inquiries about the rewards.

All companies, images, photos, logos, and third-party trademarks are protected by copyright.

*Some of the shops listed on the website have financial ties to the website. If consumers click on links within the article and make purchases from the merchant, the website may be compensated.


We make no representations or warranties about the accuracy, quality, or dependability of the content on this website, including third-party offerings. We cannot guarantee that the content on this website is correct or that it is free of errors, viruses, or hackers.

You agree to the terms of this website by using it.

Physical Property

The content and infrastructure of the website are its sole intellectual property. Examples include data, music, text, sound, photos, graphics, messages, movies, iconography, maps, code, and software.

You agree not to duplicate, reproduce, publish, licence, transmit, make derivative works from, or sell or resell any information, products, services, or software obtained from this site in any format without our written permission.

Liability and Indemnity Are Subject to Limitations

You use this website at your own risk and must confirm the accuracy of any information before accepting or utilising any third-party offer. You do so entirely at your own risk.

This website is not responsible for any damage to your computer system, including data loss, as a result of downloading files, software, or other content. Content received directly from the website as well as from third-party connections is included.

By using this website, you agree to indemnify us for all expenses, claims, expenditures, demands, damages, obligations, or losses resulting from your use of the information.

Owners, directors, officers, agents, employees, vendors, advisers, and suppliers of the website are not personally liable to you. We expressly agree not to be liable for any loss or damage of any kind (whether or not We have been advised of the possibility of such loss), including but not limited to loss of business, revenue, profits, or data. In no event shall our liability under this Agreement exceed $1,000 for any reason. We will not be held liable for the activities or inactions of third parties. The rates and pricing determined herein reflect such risk allocation as well as the limitations of liability established herein.

Application of Cookies

Cookies are used to collect information about how people use websites. Our website and service will benefit as a result. The ‘Help’ file in your browser offers instructions on how to delete session cookies (which are automatically deleted when you leave a page) and persistent cookies (which can be removed manually).

Please be advised that we fully comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations as amended on May 25, 2011. To educate consumers about cookie usage, we deploy page-level notifications.

Prizes and Competitions

Unless otherwise mentioned, promotional dates are non-binding and subject to change at any time due to fraud, technical failure, or other factors.

Despite the fact that no purchase is necessary, winners must actively claim their prize by following the instructions on their winning notification or on our contact form. Unless otherwise specified, awards are distributed within 28 days.

Jurisdiction and Rules

Any disputes arising from your use of this Website and our services are exclusively heard in the courts of London, England (including non-contractual disputes or claims).


We appreciate your feedback, ideas, and suggestions. Please keep the following restrictions in mind before submitting Suggestions. (3) none of your Suggestion(s) contain confidential or proprietary information of any third party; (4) we are not required to review your Suggestion(s); and (5) we are not required to keep any Suggestion(s) confidential.


Please contact us here if you have any queries or complaints regarding our Terms & Conditions.

Commitment to Sports Gambling is dedicated to educating its readers on the importance of safe gaming. We share our partners’ commitment to social responsibility and support any customer service initiatives aimed at keeping players in charge. We only work with sites that are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission, which has the strictest regulations of conduct in the world.


  1. Gamble for enjoyment, not for profit.
  2. Log out and consider self-exclusion.
  3. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose; keep household cash separate.
  4. Use Playsafe features such as timers and deposit limits.

If you believe you have a gambling problem, you can contact Gamcare and request that you be barred from all registered online gaming sites.